Stop wasting your money.  Do not Pay Hundreds Of Dollars To Anybody To Repair Your Credit.  I Will  Show You…


The 30 Things You Can Do In 30 Days To Repair Your Credit And Quickly Boost Your Credit Score By Up To 200 Points Or More -  

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Why Pay $500 to $1000 Or More To Credit Repair Companies And Attorneys To Apply The Same Easy Credit Repair Strategies I Reveal In The 30-Day Credit Repair System.


The Federal Trade Commission said that

…consumers can remove inaccurate information from a credit report themselves – credit repair companies have no greater power to do so”.


I used the same techniques I reveal to you to raise my credit score from 520 to 730.  You can do the same thing if you follow my Credit Repair System.



Dear friend,


It is clear that your credit is not good and you want to repair it in the shortest time possible.  I have good news for you.  The credit repair strategies I will show you will help you repair your credit and boost your credit score very quickly.  


The 30-day Credit Repair is an e-book that I wrote purely from the experience I gained from implementing cutting edge credit repair strategies in a 30-day period that started the process of boosting my credit score from 560 to a high of 730 within a very short period of time. 


The 30-day Credit Repair is a blue print of the things you can do within a 30-day period to boost your credit score by at least 200 points or more, within a relatively short period of time.  In The 30-day Credit Repair e-book, I outline the techniques I used to change my credit rating, as well as the techniques and strategies I gathered from my intense research on the subject of how to repair credit in the shortest period of time without paying $600 or more to credit repair companies or $1,000 or more to credit repair attorneys who will do exactly the same thing I reveal to you in my e-book.  And I am sure that with gasoline being very high today, high cost of goods and services and record foreclosures, the last thing you want to do is pay somebody a large sum of money for something that you can do for yourself – once I show you the simple techniques that worked for me.  But first…


… let me tell you why I decided to repair my credit instead of using credit repair companies.


I had reached a point in my life where I was fed up with how my bad credit was affecting every aspect of my life.  May be you have even experienced some of these same things.    


I could not get credit cards - Credit card companies sent me a ton of so called pre-approved credit card applications and when I applied for their cards, they turned me down because due to my bad credit rating, I was considered high risk.  My bank told me that if I wanted a credit card the only way I could get one was my putting down a deposit as security for a prepaid credit card. 


I could not borrow money from my bank or finance companies - Then there was the time my family needed to buy a minivan and we needed some money to add to what we had saved up.  So I went to borrow money from a popular finance company, which shall remain nameless, the interest rate they charged me was one of their highest, and it was over 22%.  My own bank couldn’t even lend me money because of my poor credit rating. 


I could not buy furniture for my apartment - On one occasion, I tried buying furniture on credit at a popular furniture store, and that was an embarrassing experience.  Mind you it was the salesperson’s suggestion that I complete their store credit application to see if I would qualify to purchase their furniture on credit.  I filled out the quick credit application on their computer, he sent it in and within minutes he told me, “Sorry sir, you were denied.  If you want to buy any of the furniture we sell here you will have to pay cash”.  


Apartment Owners did not want to rent their apartment to me - Then there was the time I tried renting a two-bedroom apartment when my wife and I were expecting our second child.  Again, after filling out the application and paying an application processing fee, our application was denied based on my credit rating.  It was really painful.  It was by God’s grace that I was able to find a good apartment that allowed my wife and me to move in on the condition that we had to pay a month and half rent as security deposit. 


I could not buy a house with my low credit score - My experience in trying to buy a house was no different.  At the time, my FICO score was 560.  I went to see a real estate agent to discuss the options I had.  I told him that I wanted to look at homes in good neighborhoods.  I’ll never forget this one.  The real estate agent took me to an old home he owned that looked like it had just been given just one coat of paint.  Everything in the home looked like it was built with the cheapest material – the old ceiling fans, light fixtures, cheap walls, windows, and very old kitchen appliances.   He told me that he could help me get a mortgage through one of his mortgage brokers. 


After taking a quick tour of the house, I told myself that I had to do whatever was necessary to get my credit out of the toilet because there was no way I was going to move my family into the kind of home I just finished looking at.  There are many old homes that are absolutely beautiful, but this one just was not one of them.  I could go on and on about how everything that had to do with money and living a good life was just tough for me because my credit had a lot of scars. 


Credit repair companies wanted to charge me $600 or more to repair my credit - I contacted credit repair agencies to try to find out what I had to do to get my credit repaired.  They told me about their initial consultation and how much it would cost to fix my credit.  When I heard $600, my eyes almost popped out of their socket.  Then they told me that they were quite cheap compared to some credit repair services provided by attorneys that charged $1,000 or more to do the same things that the credit repair agency could do. 


When I heard this, of course I knew there was no way I could pay anybody that kind of money to have my credit repaired.  I just did not have that kind of money to through around – I had a ton of bills to pay.  I mean, if I could not pay my bills on time because I was not making enough money, I certainly did not have $600 or $1,000 to pay someone else to do what I later found out I could do myself.   So since I could not afford to pay someone else to repair my credit, I decided to do it myself after I found out about this statement that was made by the Federal Trade Commission.   The said:  


“Consumers can remove inaccurate information from a credit report themselves – credit repair companies have no greater power to do so”.


When I read this, I decided to go it alone and try to fix my credit on my own without the help of credit repair agencies.  I worked on it and implemented the strategies I will share with you that quickly boosted my credit score from 560 to over 700 – which is considered very good by credit rating agencies like Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.  



So now that you have heard my story, here is how The 30-Day Credit Repair e-book will do for you.  My e-book will give you the following: 


Your 30-day bad credit elimination action plan. 

How to resolve discrepancies in your credit report.

The right way to report inaccurate information to the three credit bureaus.

Credit Dispute Letters you can use to dispute any discrepancies you find in your credit report.

Where to get your credit report without paying a dime.

The 5 most import factors that determine your credit score.

The 7 key points that must be in your credit dispute letter to ensure your dispute is quickly investigated and resolved.

The 8 quick strategies that will give your credit score a big boost.          

How to resolve the two most common mistakes that can ruin your credit.

Your Rights Under The Law.  

What Credit Repair organizations can and cannot do.


And that is not all. 


You also get my 30-Day Credit Repair Letters – an indispensable part of repairing your credit.  If you wanted to pay a competent attorney to write these 7 letters for you, you will pay a minimum of $300 to $500.  And will get these letters that get results FREE with your purchase of The 30-Day Credit Repair e-book, today. 


Here is what you will find inside The 30-Day Credit Repair Letters:


Credit Repair Letter #1:  Sample Credit Report Error Correction Letter     

Credit Repair Letter #2:  Sample Creditor Billing Dispute Letter      

Credit Repair Letter #3:  Collection Agency “Do Not Contact Me” Letter 

Credit Repair Letter #4:  FTC Complaint Letter – For Collection Agency Consumer Harassment         

Credit Repair Letter #5:  Sample Bank Loan Payment Reporting Letter     

Credit Repair Letter #6:  Sample IRS Tax Dispute Letter        

Credit Repair Letter #7:  Sample letter to obtain store credit   


You get even more.


As soon as you purchase The 30-Day Credit Repair, you will also receive:


A copy of my 17 page detailed report on how to avoid foreclosure.   Inside this free report I reveal:


              What your options are if your home is about to go into foreclosure. 

             How you can talk to lenders so that they will work with you. 

           A list of the banks that are working with lenders to help consumers.

               Banks that are working with the government to help consumers.


And that is not all.


You will also receive a FREE copy of one of my 116-page e-book, The Smart Mortgage Shopper’s Guide valued at $49.95.    I wrote The Smart Mortgage Shopper’s Guide specifically for people like you who are working on repairing their credit and want to get REAL INSIDER INFORMATION on how to get a fair mortgage loan without being cheated out of thousands of dollars by unscrupulous mortgage brokers and lenders who charge consumers hidden fees that that they are not even aware of.  If you think you can get the best mortgage loan from your bank, you better read this e-book.     


What value will you place on information that you can start apply in a 30 day period to raise your credit score by at least 200 points or more.


Right now, people are paying credit repair companies $600 to $1,000 to have their credit repaired.   Are you going to be one of them?  Will you pay someone else $600, $700, $800 or $,1000 or more to have your credit repaired when all you need to do is download The 30-Day Credit Repair e-book, and get all the information about the 30 things you can do starting today to boost your credit score by a minimum of 200 points. 


Here is my

100% Money Back Guarantee



The information I reveal in this e-book is the same information I used in boosting my credit score from 560 to a FICO score of 730.   I am very confident that the same information I used will help you repair your bad credit. 

If buy my e-book and for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply me an email through the customer support email address on my download page and I will promptly refund 100% of your purchase price.  No questions asked.  I do not want your money if you are not completely satisfied. 

      There is absolutely no risk on your part when you purchase             The 30-Day Credit Repair. 

Matt Johnson